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    Spring Beauty Trends to Look Forward To

    Temperatures are continuing to trend downward, but the beauty industry already has its sights on spring. If the makeup looks on the runway are any indicator of what's going to be all the rage early in 2018, here's what to look forward to:

    Smudgy eyeliner

    One of the most noticeable eye makeup trends is a continuation of what we saw for fall/winter a lack of precision in eyeliner application. Achieving this look is easy just dab your eyeliner (with a clean finger is better than a tissue) to smudge it slightly while still wet/fresh.

    Rounded cat's eye

    For day or night, stylistic eyeliner is in. The unique twist for this season is the upswept curve at the end of the usual cat's eye look. Some fashion houses combined this look with the smudgy eyeliner to make it look as if the past-the-lid liner was applied with a pinky. Play with it to see what works best for you.

    Gold and pink eyes

    When it comes to eye color for the spring, toss out the blues and smoky hues. This coming season, sun-kissed shades have it. Many of the pros opted for shimmery shadows or eye glosses with distinctly warm undertones gold and light bronze. Still, there were those who wanted a more distinctive look, and for them, vibrant pinks were the eye-catching color of choice.

    Stained, glossy lips

    To get your pucker noticed this spring, think neutral/natural colors but enhanced with a shiny gloss. Most professional makeup artists achieved their look with dark lip stains and/or blotted lipstick that brought out the lip's natural coloring rather than applications of long-wear lipstick or liner in a neutral shade.Underneath all the makeup, healthy and glowing was the look of choice for nearly every fashion houses. Hale Cosmeceuticals can help you achieve the fresh, hydrated skin you need to wear any winter or spring look well. Browse our full product line online and contact us to order or request samples.

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