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    Top Makeup Trends for Spring

    Now that spring is here, many women are reassessing their fall and winter makeup looks. Spring is typically associated with lighter makeup, both in color and application. However, the following trends buck typical beauty standards for a more eclectic, memorable look than simple spring corals and pastels can offer.

    Neon Eyeliner

    The classic cat eye eyeliner is not going away any time soon. However, dark black liner may be too severe for spring, so fashionistas are updating the look with bright, neon colors. Bold blues, greens, and pinks look amazing on many different skin tones and work best when combined with more muted lip and cheek colors.

    Eye Embellishments

    If you're a fan of the minimalist makeup look but want to dress it up for nighttime, eye embellishments are a great trend to follow. Eye embellishments are small stickers like stars, hearts, jewels, rainbows, different shapes, and many other designs. They can be placed on the brow over eye glittery shadow, at the corner of your eye, or above or along the lash line.

    Multi-Colored Eyeshadow

    Who says you can only wear one color of eyeshadow at a time? Complementary colors like gold, orange, and blue go great when worn side by side. You can also use color gradients to expand from light to dark across your eyelids.

    Gloss Everywhere

    Understated yet polished is a popular theme this spring, one that is perfectly exemplified by all over facial gloss. Along with the lips, gloss can be worn on the eyelids, cheeks, and the bridge of the nose for a fresh look. Face gloss can also be used to highlight makeup, whether on your lips or eyelids.

    Dark Lipstick

    Of course, some people prefer a more dramatic look when it comes to their spring makeup. Juxtapose a dark, almost gothic look with the lightness of the season by wearing a dark purple or even black lipstick. When paired with neutral or pastel-colored attire, dark lipstick creates a bold aesthetic.Fresh, healthy-looking skin is always on-trend. That's why Hale Cosmeceuticals features a range of beauty products containing all-natural ingredients that look, smell, and feel great. All of our products are animal-free and contain no unnecessary chemicals or additives. Take a look at our full inventory of products online. If you have a question, contact us or call 800-951-7005 today.

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