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    Stay-True Lips: Nourishing Care and Moisture

    With summer drawing to a close, it's important to think ahead to the chilly months. One of the biggest problems with winter is the dry air, which can leech moisture from your skin especially your lips. Prepare for blustery fall days with Stay-True Lips, a product designed with the special needs of your lips in mind!

    Protect Your Lips From Damage

    Lips are constantly exposed to the elements. They're also some of the most tender and sensitive patches of skin on your body. They need extra care and protection to keep them soft, plump and smooth.Stay-True Lips is made with several key ingredients to provide ultimate protection:

    • Phosphatidyl choline a natural lipid
    • Folic acid An essential vitamin

    Together, this triad of powerful ingredients work to boost circulation, improve tissue rejuvenation, protect against cracking and peeling, and hold moisture in the lip are to provide hydration.The end result is a fuller, plumper look with fewer fine lines and wrinkles!This is a moisturizer designed specifically with the needs of lips in mind, and you'll get great results that will last you through the winter. Instead of reaching for a normal lip balm or chapstick when the weather gets cold, opt instead for the nourishing power of Stay-True Lips, available only from Hale Cosmeceuticals."

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