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    Getting Down Deeper: TCA Peel

    AHA peels are ideal for those new to peels and how their skin will react to the treatment. For clients who are ready to take exfoliation to a new level, our TCA peel is the perfect medium-depth peel.

    Indications for TCA Peels

    TCA (tricholoroacetic acid) peels penetrate completely through the stratum corneum to reach the upper layer of the dermis. Penetration to the middle of the skin tissue allows the effects of the peel to be deeper and longer lasting. Clients can expect to see smoother, diminished lines and wrinkles and the removal of superficial blemishes or hyperpigmentation that could not be accomplished by AHA peels. Like AHA peels, though, the TCA peel is good for darker skin tones because there is no or very little temporary skin bleaching.

    Professional Application

    Because high concentrations of TCA can cause scarring, it should only be applied by an experienced esthetician. The concentration of the TCA solution determines the penetration (and scarring potential); our peel uses a 15% concentration at 2.0 pH. Before using the TCA peel, it should be tested on the skin behind the client's ear for sensitivity. To proceed with the peel, cleans the face and make sure skin is completely dry. Apply the TCA solution with a fan brush. Your client will likely feel a stinging or tingling sensation. For those new to TCA peels, leave the solution on for 20-30 seconds. As tolerance is developed, you may leave the solution on longer. The peel may also be layered. To remove the peel, neutralize the TCA solution with either DMAE 5% Neutralizer or a baking soda and water mixture. Immediately post-treatment, apply Dermist DM3HA to reduce redness and hydrate skin. Because this peel penetrates deeper than AHA peels, it is recommended for use every four to five weeks.

    Post Application

    The effects of TCA peels redness and sensitivity will fade in a matter of days. However, your skin is more vulnerable to some environmental assaults for months following the treatment. Always make sure to protect post-treatment skin with a sun protection product of at least SPF 15. Advanced moisturizing products will help to promote the healing process as well.

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