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    The Esthetician's Insider Guide to Recommended Makeup

    As the beauty industry continues to evolve, it's becoming increasingly important to seek advice from professionals who understand the intricacies of skincare and makeup. Estheticians, with their in-depth knowledge of skincare and beauty products, are the go-to experts for personalized recommendations. In this insider guide, we'll explore the insights and recommendations shared by estheticians on the best makeup products for achieving flawless, healthy-looking skin.

    The Importance of Consulting an Esthetician

    When it comes to makeup, the guidance of an esthetician can make all the difference. Estheticians are licensed skincare professionals who specialize in analyzing and treating various skin conditions. Their expertise allows them to understand the specific needs of each individual's skin and recommend products that will enhance its natural beauty. By consulting an esthetician, you can benefit from their extensive knowledge and receive personalized advice tailored to your unique skin type and concerns.

    Understanding the Benefits of Makeup Primers

    One of the key products recommended by estheticians is makeup primer. Primers have long been known for their ability to extend the wear time of foundation, but the newest crop of primers offers even more benefits. Estheticians highlight the additional perks of primers, such as added hydration, subtle radiance, and everyday sun protection. By using a primer, you can create a smooth canvas for foundation application, blur pores, infuse extra hydration into the skin, and achieve a matte surface for oily skin. The versatility of primers makes them essential for any makeup routine, especially in situations where cameras are involved.

    Choosing the Right Makeup Primer for Your Skin

    When selecting a makeup primer, it's crucial to consider your skin type and the compatibility of the primer with your foundation. Estheticians recommend using water-based primers with water-based foundations and oil-based primers with oil-based foundations. This ensures that the chemistry of the products aligns, preventing beading and pilling. Some beauty brands even create primers specifically designed to accompany their foundations, simplifying the pairing process. Additionally, estheticians advise applying primer not only on the face but also on the neck, décolletage, and even the back of the hands to achieve a seamless and flawless look.

    Insider Tips for Enhancing Eye Makeup

    While makeup primer is typically applied all over the face, estheticians have specific recommendations for eye makeup. Dedicated shadow primers are highly recommended for prepping the delicate eye area before applying eyeliner or eyeshadow. Estheticians emphasize the importance of using a primer that matches your skin tone to create a smooth base and ensure long-lasting eye makeup. By following these tips, you can achieve stunning eye looks without worrying about creasing or smudging.

    The Rise of Skincare-Makeup Hybrids

    Another trend that estheticians are excited about is the emergence of skincare-makeup hybrids. These innovative products combine the benefits of skincare and makeup, offering nourishing ingredients while enhancing your natural beauty. Skincare-makeup hybrids, like Ilia's Super Serum Skin Tint, have gained popularity for their ability to provide coverage while delivering skincare benefits. However, it's important to understand that terms like "clean" and "natural" do not necessarily mean that the products are safer for your skin. Estheticians emphasize the importance of understanding the ingredients inside each product and choosing formulas that are compatible with your skin's needs.

    The Philosophy Behind Skincare-Makeup Hybrids

    For many brand founders, the philosophy behind skincare-makeup hybrids revolves around formulating products with clean and skin-friendly ingredients. By using clean ingredients that are good for the skin, makeup becomes an extension of skincare. Saie founder and CEO Laney Crowell believes that makeup products should serve our bodies and be formulated with clean ingredients. This approach has led to the creation of makeup products that not only enhance appearance but also provide skincare benefits.


    Achieving Flawless Skin with Skincare-Makeup Hybrids

    Skincare-makeup hybrids are designed to provide both immediate cosmetic benefits and long-term skincare results. These products aim to give you the desired look while simultaneously improving the condition of your skin. By incorporating ingredients like caffeine, pink algae, arnica, vitamins, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, skincare-makeup hybrids offer brightening, soothing, plumping, and moisturizing effects. The combination of makeup and skincare in these products allows for a seamless integration into your daily beauty routine.

    Consult an Esthetician for Personalized Recommendations

    While this guide provides valuable insights from estheticians, it's essential to remember that every individual's skin is unique. For personalized recommendations tailored to your specific skin type and concerns, consult an esthetician. They can analyze your skin, understand its needs, and guide you in selecting the best makeup products for your desired look. Estheticians are passionate about helping individuals achieve their skincare and beauty goals, making them your ultimate resource for insider advice.


    With the expertise of estheticians, you can elevate your makeup routine to new heights. By incorporating their recommendations and understanding the benefits of skincare-makeup hybrids, you can achieve flawless, healthy-looking skin while enjoying the nourishing effects of high-quality ingredients. Remember to consult an esthetician for personalized advice and to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the beauty industry. Embrace the power of esthetician-recommended makeup and enhance your natural beauty with confidence.

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