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    Hopefully, you already know Hale Cosmeceuticals is your source for high quality, affordable skin care products that enhance your natural beauty by improving your skin health. But did you know that Hale Cosmeceuticals is also your skin health resource?

    At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we set ourselves apart from our competitors in the skin care industry in a number of ways, including how we help you educate and inform your clients and patients.

    A Cut Above

    Hale Cosmeceuticals stays on the cutting edge of skin care technology because we research and develop skin care technology. Our in-house R & D department is staffed by experienced scientists and chemists who formulate and test our products, always looking for ways to improve their efficacy by applying new scientific breakthroughs in active ingredients and processing methods.But it's not just our products that we continually strive to make better. We are committed to offering the best customer service and product delivery model possible for our customers and our planet. When you call Hale Cosmeceuticals, you will always talk to a real person. Our customer service representatives know our products and know skin health.

    They can help you select the right formulas for your skin type to help you achieve your skin care goals. We offer free shipping on all orders of $100 or more, and most orders ship the same day. When you receive your shipment of Hale Cosmeceuticals skin health products, you'll notice a distinct lack of cardboard. We have decided to shed boxes to make our operations more sustainable and minimize overhead so that we can continue to offer our quality products at the most competitive prices.

    Skin Health Online

    Our commitment to serving our customers doesn't end with our product line or customer service. We want to help our professional clients educate their patients and our retail clients educate themselves about skin health, so we've decided to use our website, blogs and social media platforms to serve as a resource for skin health information. Here's what you'll find:

    Our Website

    Our website is the authoritative source of information on all Hale Cosmeceuticals products. We provide in-depth descriptions of each product, clearly explaining what it does, and in many cases, the science behind its performance. If you ever have questions about our products that our website doesn't address, contact us. We will be happy to provide the information you're looking for.

    Our Blogs

    Our weekly blogs are designed to provide in-depth information about skin health and skin care in terms that non-scientists can understand. Every month, our Science of Skin Care series explores the science of a skin health-related topic, unpacking the chemistry, biology and/or physiology to help people understand how the skin is constructed, how it works and is affected by the environment and how skin care products work to maintain, repair and rejuvenate it.

    Our new monthly series, The Hale Difference, will explore ways in which Hale Cosmeceuticals as a company and a product line offers a unique value to you.

    Our blogs also cover a range of topics that address overall health and well-being, often providing tips for finding balance in a busy life, managing stress, eating healthily, and much more.

    Our Facebook Page

    Hale Cosmeceuticals' Facebook page gives our Fans easy access to our blogs, fun and inspirational thoughts for the day and online-only specials, which we change every month. Our bi-weekly Skin Care Hero gives you insight on easy-to-implement skin care practices and diet additions to improve skin health while the Skin Care Baddie informs you of things to avoid. Occasionally, we also run contests on Facebook, giving our Fans the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars-worth of quality skin care products in just a few clicks.

    Our Twitter Feed

    Skin technology moves fast, and so does Twitter, so it's the perfect place for us to help you stay on top of the latest research and provide quick tips for maintaining and improving skin health. Our tweets are just another way you can learn about Hale Cosmeceuticals' products, access our latest blogs, get information about monthly promotions and get loads of useful information to pass on to your clients, patients and friends.

    Get connected to Hale Cosmeceuticals to experience the Hale Difference. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. And contact us with questions, comments or suggestions. We look forward to being your skin health resource!

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