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    The Science of Skin Care: Collagen

    Collagen is an essential protein for healthy skin. It's a natural protein and one of the most abundant proteins in the body responsible for healthy skin.

    Collagen and Your Skin: The Facts

    Collagen is a protein a fibrous protein, to be exact. Made up of amino-acids, it essentially provides structure and shape to the body. It is found in all of the body's fibrous tissues, including skin, ligaments, bones, blood vessels, and even in the cornea of the eye.  Without collagen, the human body would essentially be a shapeless puddle.Collagen occurs naturally in all mammals and accounts for about 30% of protein in the human body. Along with good nutrition, adequate sleep, and good skincare, collagen production is one of the keys to beautiful, young-looking skin.

    How Does Collagen Production Work?

    Because of its fibrous structure, collagen works to plump up the skin, increasing elasticity and making skin firmer. While collagen production is at 100% in our youth, it slows down progressively as we age. That means that our skin needs extra collagen support to repair and regenerate skin and connective tissue.

    How Can I Improve Collagen Production?

    Stimulating collagen production requires two habits: excellent skincare and a healthy diet. Vitamin C and Retinols are a skin superfood, boosting collagen production on the outside of your skin using topical creams. At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we recommend our Vitamin A (Retinol) Re-Fine Milk Lotion and our C-Fine 5% Vitamin C Milk Lotion.While vitamin C helps your body synthesize collagen and send it to work, Retinols can help retain the effects of boosted collagen production. In essence, vitamin C helps you produce more collagen for your skin and Retinol helps you maximize its positive effects. At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we also recommend a diet high in luteins, vitamin C, and soy. Dark, leafy greens are a wonderful choice for healthy skin, along with anti-oxidant rich blueberries and fresh fruit high in vitamin C.

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