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    The Ultimate Guide to Get Your Skincare Routine Spring-Ready

    Even if daily temperatures do not warrant short sleeves and breezy skirts, we're declaring an end to winter! So, time to ring in a new season of skincare, and here's how to update your skincare product lineup and routine to bring out your springtime glow.

    Last Call for Chemical Peels

    What better way to bid winter adieu than to slough away winter's dullness with a chemical peel? Early spring is an ideal time for deep exfoliation since the sun's intensity is not yet so strong as to put your skin at serious risk for damage with minor exposure.

    So, book an appointment with your favorite aesthetician for a tingly, below-the-surface treatment to rejuvenate your complexion.

    Preemptive Oil Control

    Spring is a great time to get into habits that will ensure optimally cleansed and balanced skin during the summer when sweat and oil production are at their peak. For those with an oily skin type, if you've abandoned the toner for the winter, reintroduce it after your morning and/or evening cleanse.

    Toner's astringent activity will help tighten pores to minimize the amount of oil and other contaminants that can get in and clog the pore. While smaller pores alone can improve the appearance and texture of your skin, it will also help reduce acne breakouts. (If you're looking for an all-natural toner, try witch hazel.)

    Lighten Up Your Moisturizer

    People with oily skin types may continued to use a water-based lotion throughout the winter. If that's the case for you, then you may not need to make any product changes for spring.

    However, if you have been relying on an oil-based cream to replenish and lock in moisture, if you have combination or sensitive skin, now is the right time to look for a lighter formula. Because natural oil production tends to increase with an increase in temperature, your skin will start picking up the slack in terms of moisture retention. If you have dry skin, you may still want an oil-based formula, but perhaps only for one daily application usually PM. Balance the heavier formula with a water-based lotion in your AM regimen.

    Amplify Your Sun Protection

    As days grow longer and the sun's intensity increases, your sun protection needs to get stronger, too. Hopefully you've been using at least SPF 15 all winter long, but now, you should not consider yourself ready until your face is covered with SPF 30. You may opt for a separate sunscreen with adequate SPF to apply on top of your moisturizer before makeup. You may also choose to layer your products e.g., BB cream and mineral makeup, each with moderate SPF to cumulatively achieve SPF 30.

    Simplify with BB Cream

    For days when you don't have time or the desire to don full makeup, use a tinted BB cream. BB creams help even your skin tone but provide lighter coverage to let your skin breathe more easily.

    Hale Cosmeceuticals has the skincare products you need to freshen up your skincare routine for spring. If you're new to our product lineup, take our personal skin assessment to get tailored product recommendations. You can also contact us to request samples! If you have any additional tips to revamp your skincare routine for spring, we'd love to hear them. Post them on our Facebook page.

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