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    Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

    Beauty isn't just for the young. Women aged 50 and older can look as gorgeous and beautiful as ever, provided you know the best practices when it comes to makeup. The following tips ensure you look your best without unnecessarily adding years to your face.

    Avoid Heavy Foundations

    While your goal when applying foundation is to conceal lines and wrinkles, you might actually draw attention to them if you use heavy foundation. Heavy foundations settle into wrinkles and make them more obvious than if you went bare faced. Instead, use a light, airy foundation that is infused with moisturizers to cover lines without accidentally accentuating them. 

    Switch Lipstick Shades

    It's normal to get stuck in a beauty rut over the years, but it's never too late to make a change. Neutral tones are a safe bet for women 50 and over, but they can feel a little boring after a while. If you're fearful about wearing bolder lipstick shades, such as red, look for a sheer version to experiment with.  

    Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

    Many older women struggle with their skin texture as they age. A good exfoliating ritual improves skin texture and can take years off your appearance when used correctly. If you have sensitive skin and are concerned about irritation, look for an exfoliator containing alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) like lactic acid, which is gentler than other types of AHAs. 

    Don't Overdo Your Brows

    In a quest for bold, dramatic brows, some women go overboard with the brow pencil. This creates a harsh look that can detract from the rest of your features, particularly your eyes. When applying a brow pencil, use a light hand to fill in sparse areas without overdoing it to achieve an attractive, all-natural look. 

    Use Brush Appropriately

    Your makeup technique should change as much as you do. When it comes to blush, applying it from your ear to mouth may create a gaunt, aging look that all women want to avoid. Instead, apply blush to the tops of your cheeks lightly for a more age-appropriate look. 

    Love Your Skin by Choosing the Right Products

    In addition to the makeup and the techniques you use, your skin care regimen can also create a more youthful glow. Here at Hale Cosmeceuticals, we develop skin care products for women of all ages, because we believe all women should love themselves and their appearance. Our range of exfoliating peels slough away dead skin cells and improve texture thanks to ingredients like glycolic acid, as well as brighteners like arbutin, which reduces the look of age spots. If you'd like to place an order or want more info about our all-natural, cruelty-free products, call 1-800-951-7005 today.

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