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    Makeup Tips to Make You Look Fresh-Faced and Younger

    Everyone wants to look as youthful and fresh-faced as a fairy-tale princess, but passing years can dampen your natural radiance. Fortunately, great makeup tricks can help hide signs of aging and give you a fresh new look. Here are a few tips that can turn back the clock.

    • Moisturize your face thoroughly before applying your makeup. Use a silicone-based serum around your eyes, and apply foundation and concealer conservatively to avoid a cakey look that accentuates wrinkles.
    • If your skin looks dull or dry, choose a warm-colored foundation that is about a half-shade lighter than your skin tone.
    • Instead of harsh black eyeliner and mascara, use a slightly softer color such as brown or gray.
    • Avoid bright, flashy colors like cherry red or bright purple. Soft, neutral pastels better complement aging skin.
    • Use matte finish lipsticks and lip liners to prevent color from bleeding into fine lines around your lips.
    • Soften your favorite lipstick, and create a subtle, youthful look by mixing it with lip balm.
    • Avoid high gloss lip products and bright, dark colors that may cause lips to appear thinner. Peach, beige and rose lip colors make your lips look fuller.

    The Best Looks Start With the Right Skin Care

    To get the best results from your makeup routine, pair it with skin care products that keep your complexion youthful, healthy, well-hydrated and ready to take on the elements and the challenges of time. Hale Cosmeceuticals provides an extensive selection of facial skin care products designed for every type of skin and every age. Using the latest in skin care technology and only the healthiest ingredients, Hale products are proven to help you restore and maintain your youthful glow.

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