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    Top Lipstick Shades for Summer

    Lipstick shades should change along with the season. In the fall and winter, dark maroon and deep brown shades offer an earthy, warm look that is perfect for the colder weather. However, when summer rolls around you're probably in search of something livelier and more dynamic.

    That is certainly the case with the hottest shades for summer 2020. The following colors are perfect for hot, sunny days and warm nights, as they can easily go from the beach to nightlife with no trouble at all.

    Red Orange

    If bold is your thing, a stunning red orange lipstick is the ways to go. Less harsh than the classic fire engine red, red orange is more forgiving when it comes to various skin tones, as it can look amazing on pale complexions as well as deep, rich skin tones. It's also great for summer thanks to its high-voltage look. When wearing red orange, keep the rest of your makeup subtle so your lip color really stands out.

    Plum Pink

    Perhaps you're more into neutral, laid back colors like plum pink. Plum pink is subtle enough to wear running errands during the day, but it can also be stunning at night when going out with friends or on a big date. Plum pink is also quite fun and youthful, and it goes well with most skin tones. The glossier the better with this lip shade, as a high gloss shine will only increase its appeal.


    Purple was a popular lip color this past fall and winter, but dark shades of purple are too severe now that warm weather has arrived. Violet is a great alternative to deep purples, as it offers a dramatic look that is still suited to the summertime. If you want something truly dramatic, look for a violet matte shade, which is absolutely stunning on darker skin tones.


    Nude lip color doesn't have to be boring. It can also be quite stunning when paired with the right eye shadow and liner. Every woman should have a go-to nude color in her arsenal for summer. Lighter skin tones are best served by nudes with pink hues, while darker skin tones look amazing in nude lip color with brown and caramel undertones.

    Pamper Your Skin All Summer Long

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