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    Meet the New Dynamic Duo: Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid

    Vitamin C is one of the most well-known antioxidants. Its power against the free radicals does everything from keeping your apples from turning brown to fighting abnormal cell growth to prevent cancer. And it's in a lot of skin care products so that the antioxidant power can be harnessed to slow, stop or reverse the signs of aging. But now, Vitamin C has a new sidekick!

    Meet Ferulic Acid!

    Ferulic acid is one of the hydroxycinnamic acids, a class of powerful phytonutrients found in significant amounts in coffee, apples, artichokes, peanuts, oranges, blueberries and whole grains like rice, wheat and oats. In plants, ferulic acid helps to protect plants from the damaging effects of sun exposure and is a compound used to produce aromatic substances to ward off predators and/or attract pollenators. When eaten, the protections that ferulic acid provided to the plant can be experienced by us! Ferulic acid can protect skin cells from UV radiation and reacts to free radicals to diminish their threat of DNA and cell damage.

    Hale Cosmeceuticals Introduces Vitamin C Ferulic Serum!

    The powerful skin protection of ferulic acid has been combined with the tried and true antioxidant action of Vitamin C in one formula! Vitamin C Ferulic Serum is a water-based formula so that it can be easily absorbed by your skin. As with all our Vitamin C formulations, we use only 100% pure L-Ascorbic Acid to ensure the highest possible delivery of free-radical fighting compounds to your skin cells. Ferulic acid is derived from a cinnamon base, which is known to have skin brightening effects, so this formula is an excellent treatment for sensitive post-peel skin. This ingredient also helps to stabilize Vitamin C and increases UV protection. In fact, research has shown that ferulic acid doubled the effectiveness of Vitamins C and E in protecting the skin from sun damage.

    In addition to the antioxidant superstars, Vitamin C Ferulic Serum contains eight toctreniols to protect the oil space in the skin and further interfere with the oxidation process that ages skin. Emblica extract is also added to boost antioxidant content and enhance skin brightening potential. With so many powerful ingredients, you don't need much serum to make a difference. We recommend using two to four drops to cover your entire face and neck area. That makes a little bottle go a long way in reducing the signs of aging and aiding repair of sun damaged skin.

    Get Your Vitamin C Ferulic Serum!

    As always, Hale Cosmeceuticals is on the cutting edge of skin care technology. To date, very few skin care companies have formulas that include ferulic acid, and even fewer (none, really) can offer this antioxidant dynamic duo for the price we can! Because we conduct our own research and development, we don't have to pay for our science costs that get passed on to you by other companies. Because we do our own research, we also know our products work! To get your Vitamin C Ferulic Serum, call us! 1-800-951-7005

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