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    Why Sunscreen Is a Must All Year Long

    As fall and winter arrive and temperatures cool around the country, many people are putting away their sunscreen until the weather heats up again. The truth is, sunscreen should be a part of your skincare routine all year long, despite the temperature outside.

    UV rays can cause damage any time of the year, especially if you're a fan of outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding. This damage may lead to premature aging, but it can also increase your risk of skin cancer if you're not properly protected. Here are a few reasons why sunscreen is a must, no matter the time of year.

    1. Snow Increases UV Exposure

    Snow reflects the sun's rays up to 80%. That means your risk of UV exposure is doubled, even in the dead of winter. Additionally, dry wind and air can actually reduce the effectiveness of your sunscreen after the initial application. That means you should constantly reapply it to your skin, just as you would during the summer. Skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to select a strong sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30 and offers broad spectrum protection. Broad spectrum means that the sunscreen protects against both UVB and UVA rays.

    1. UVA Rays Can Penetrate Glass

    Even if you don't spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter, sunscreen is still important. This is especially true if you spend ample time in front of a window at work or at home or have a long commute to and from the office. While UVB rays typically can't penetrate through glass, UVA rays can. Incorporating a sunscreen into your morning routine can combat some of these effects by offering amazing benefits to your skin.

    1. Sunscreen Keeps Wrinkles at Bay

    UVA rays are associated with a lower cancer risk, but they are more likely to cause signs of premature aging. As the sun hits your skin it contributes to the formation of free radicals. These free radicals damage skin's elasticity, which in turn causes looseness and sagging. While elasticity diminishes over time, sun exposure and other bad habits, such as smoking, actually speeds up the process. UV rays can also cause other types of damage, including hyperpigmentation or dark spots. Accordingly, sunscreen is a key component of maintaining your skin's youthful appearance for life.

    Protect Your Skin All Year Long

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