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    What Are Cosmeceuticals?

    "Everyone knows that cosmetics means make-up, and most people could tell you that pharmaceuticals is just a fancy word for medicinal ingredients. But cosmeceuticals? Not too many people have heard of this word before, although adding the two definitions above will get you the answer.

    In short: Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products which have pharmaceutical properties. If you're still not clear on what exactly this means in real life here are a few example cosmeceutical products like what we offer at Hale Cosmeceuticals -- which combine great skin care with cutting-edge scientific knowledge:

    1. Moisturizer Skin moisturizers are perhaps the classic cosmeceutical. These popular creams have been around for over 50 years and can be combined with antioxidants and other health-essential minerals for smooth luscious skin.

    2. Sunscreen While it's obvious that sunscreen can be beneficial to your health most brands aren't strictly speaking cosmetics. This is because they block the sun's harmful rays with oils and other greasy chemicals that can irritate your skin. But what if there was a sunscreen that used naturally occurring minerals that are actually good for your skin? That would be a cosmeceutical sunscreen like the all-vegan titanium dioxide sunscreen we make.

    3. Wrinkle reducer Wrinkles are a fact of aging and that makes wrinkle reducing cream one of the most popular cosmetic products. While regular cosmetics will just hide the evidence though a cosmeceutical wrinkle cream can actually replenish your body's supply of collagen and elastin the two proteins that stop wrinkles from happening in the first place.

    4. Nail care Everyone loves a little color in their life and nail polish is one way to achieve that. But just as with sunscreen what's in most nail colors is not very good for your nails. A nail care lotion that adds an appealing gloss to your nails while also battling brittleness and cracked cuticles is just one more example of a cosmeceutical.

    If these examples sound like something you want to learn more about you'll be excited to learn that all of them are available from Hale Cosmeceuticals. Browsing our website will not only net you great ways to care for your lips eyes nails and skin but will explain even more of the science behind cosmeceutical skin care.'"

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