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    What Seasonal Foods Are Good for Your Skin?

    Skin health is something we often worry about in summer, when we're more likely to be out in the sun. The truth is though that skin care is a year-round concern. In addition to preventive care while in the great outdoors what we eat plays a big role in keeping skin healthy and supple.

    When it comes to skin damage the biggest culprit is the free radical a kind of molecule which lacks an electron and as a result clings onto other cells like skin. A healthy diet is one of the best ways to tackle these free radicals as low-processed foods that are high in antioxidants can counter-act the damage they do. While it's important to eat a low-fat antioxidant-rich diet throughout the year here are a few of our favorite fall foods that are good for your skin.

    1. Red Delicious Apples - As the saying goes an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples have plenty of antioxidants and red delicious is one of the varieties with the highest amount.

    2. Sweet potatoes - In addition to being fat-free sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin A and two different types of Vitamin B meaning they have plenty of antioxidants to keep your skin feeling healthy. Try them roasted on an open fire for a healthy and delicious seasonal treat.

    3. Brussels Sprouts - Brussels sprouts get a bad rap but when properly prepared they are quite tasty. More importantly they\'re high in Vitamin C and folate as well as several other antioxidants.

    4. Cranberries - This prototypical fall favorite has a hidden super-power: It has one of the highest levels of phenols of common fruits. While it may conjure up images of turkey dinners the best way to get the benefit of this superfruit is to drink it as a juice.

    5. Grapes - Grapes of all varieties but especially red and purple grapes are rich in several kinds of antioxidants. This may sound like a good excuse to break out another bottle of wine but the devil\'s in the details: to get the full benefits you need to eat the skin of the grape as well as its pulp.

    6. Winter Squash - This delicious vegetable is rich in vitamin A which is great for your skin and can be the base for some amazing soup. Enjoy a wide variety of colors and nutrients in your diet to get the greatest benefits for your skin!'"

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