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    What You Need to Know About Adult Acne

    It's normal for teenagers to develop acne as the result of changing hormones, but the blemishes may continue well into adulthood for some people. However, understanding the underlying causes and effective solutions can help women of all ages keep the blemishes away.

    Hormonal Changes Never End for Women

    Hormones shift around the menses cycle, during and after pregnancy, and as you enter menopause. Making any adjustments to birth control medications can also lead to hormonal changes and acne.

    Stress and Medications

    The stress of daily life can make acne worse. Additionally, certain medications are known for leading to outbreaks. Speak openly with your doctor about your concerns, and ask if acne is a potential side effect of any new medication. Try to manage stress through a regular workout program or by keeping up with your favorite hobbies.

    Hair and Skin Products

    The lotions that you use on your hair and face can also lead to breakouts. You may pay a little more for products that are non-comedogenic, - acnegenic, and oil-free, but you'll see the difference in clearer skin.

    Dietary Factors

    Research has shown that high-glycemic-index foods can give you pimples while expanding your waistline. Opt for a cleaner diet that focuses on fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins. Focus on low-glycemic-index foods that are going to be easy on your complexion and your weight. A 2006 Harvard study also found a link between high dairy intake and outbreaks, so you may want to limit yourself to one glass of milk in the mornings.Finally, reach for some topical solution that are effective for people of all ages. Tea tree oil is known for calming inflammation in skin cells, and it's gentle on the skin. Salicylic acid is also a fine choice for drying out pimples, but choose an adult formula that's made for more sensitive skin. Perhaps most importantly, resist the urge to touch the acne. The same advice your parents gave you a decade (or more!) ago holds true today: Touching the blemish will only make it worse, but keeping it clean will promote healing.

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