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    Why Is Skin Care So Important?

    Skin care is important is just one of those things you accept as true, but have you ever stopped to wonder Why? What are the benefits of proper skin care? Why should you go to the trouble of twice daily cleansing, moisturizing and other treatments to improve or maintain your skin's health? Because:

    Healthy Skin Is Vital to a Healthy Body

    To understand why skin care is so important, you first need to understand why your skin is so important. Your skin is your body's first line of defense against every possible threat present in the environment. Healthy skin provides a barrier that prevents millions, maybe even billions, of pathogens from entering your body where they can cause infection, disease and discomfort. As the outer wrapping that protects your body from the elements, your skin is also the wrapper that helps people recognize that you are you and no one else. Your skin tone, texture and how it wraps around your features creates the appearance that makes you distinctly you. So, a healthy integumentary system (your skin) promotes overall health and has the potential to boost (or bust) your confidence as you move about and socialize in the world.

    How Skin Care Keeps Skin Healthy

    Like any other part of your body, what you feed it and how you treat it will determine how healthy your skin is. Proper skin care ensures that your skin has the nutrition it needs to repair itself, maintain optimal function and retain a youthful resilience and glow. Skin care that can keep skin healthy involves:


    Cleansing removes impurities that buildup on the skin's surface. Impurities range from dirt and natural oils that may do nothing more than dull your complexion to environmental toxins that could penetrate your skin and wreak havoc on skin cells or in other body systems. For optimal skin health, you should cleanse twice daily morning and evening with a gentle, soap-free formula.


    Your skin can only perform its protective functions if it has sufficient lubrication. Over-cleansing and dry environmental conditions (like those inevitable in climate-controlled buildings) strip natural moisture from your skin. Moisturizing after twice daily cleansing restores adequate hydration required for optimal protection.


    With age, your body slows or stops production of the substances needed for ideal skin integrity and health, like collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. However, you can replenish diminishing stores of these and other reparative compounds topically with the right products. The most beneficial skin care technologies that can supplement natural skin functions include:

    • Antioxidants

    Supplementation may also involve lipid (fat), essential amino acid and trace mineral replenishment to improve skin cell integrity and absorption capacity. Hale Cosmeceuticals has a product lineup for comprehensive skin care. Our representatives can help you find the right products for your skin type and skin care goals. Take our personal skin assessment to get started, and contact us for expert consultation, request samples and to place your order."

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