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    Winter Lip Protection

    As Old Man winter sets in, so comes the harsh weather. The dry, frigid climate can have a major impact on the sensitive skin of your lips. Many people feel like they simply have to put up with chapped lips throughout the winter months. However, there are some easy ways to combat this problem.

    What Causes Chapped Lips During Winter?

    Unlike the rest of your skin, there are few moisturizing oil glands on your lips. In fact, your lips are covered by some of the thinnest skin on your body. With less protection, this area is especially sensitive to dehydration. Winter only adds to this problem. As humidity drops in December, your lips will get dryer. The uncomfortable cold temperatures certainly don't help the situation either.In an effort to combat the dryness, some people have the tendency to lick their lips. After all, this will add moisture and help, right? Wrong: Saliva from your mouth can actually strip away moisture and cause even dryness. Even worse is to bite at the flaky, chapped skin on your lips. Before you know it, you'll be bleeding, which isn't a good look for anybody.

    How to Moisturize Your Lips

    Aside from avoiding bad habits like licking, biting and wearing too much lipstick, you can take steps to protect your lips. It all starts with being properly hydrated. We usually associate drinking plenty of water with the summer, but it's just as important during the dry winter months.There are also many lip balm products that can offer protection. Doctors generally recommend balms without menthol or alcohol, which have the tendency to dry lips. Stay-True Lips by Hale Cosmeceuticals is a healthy balm that can be used throughout the day. The ingredients include glutathione, which moisturizes, and phosphatidyl choline, a natural lipid that helps prevent peeling and cracking.  

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