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    Top 5 Winter Skincare Tips

    Spring is still weeks away, and for some parts of the country, springtime temperatures is months away. That means you still need to be adhering to good winter skincare practices. Make sure to follow these top five tips for optimal skin health for the duration of winter.

    #1 Cool Your Tap

    One of the biggest problems with winter is the decrease of moisture in the air, which increases evaporation (i.e. hydration loss) at the skin's surface. Washing your face with hot water increases evaporation; setting you up for dehydrated, dry, flaky and/or itchy skin. Cool your tap to wash and rinse your face with lukewarm water instead.

    #2 Boost Ambient Moisture

    Heating depletes moisture in the air, but you can replenish it with:

    • A home humidifier system (often connected to your heating system)
    • A vaporizer
    • Steam from boiled water in open pots
    • Plants

    Cool mist vaporizers are probably the most cost- and energy-efficient moisture restoring solution. You may keep it running in your home or office throughout the day or just in your bedroom at night.

    #3 Use Sunblock

    To prevent windburn and glare burn (caused by UVA radiation being reflected by snow and ice, even on overcast days), protect your face with sunblock. Look for a formula with zinc oxide, which creates a barrier between your skin and the elements (chemical sunscreens do not provide this protection).

    #4 Opt for Gentle Exfoliation

    Chemical peels quickly remove the uppermost layer of your skin. While this does help you slough away dullness and encourage cell turnover, it leaves your skin even more vulnerable to the elements. Gentle facial scrubs or microdermabrasion are better alternatives for wintertime exfoliation.

    #5 Moisturize

    We would be remiss if we did not take the opportunity to remind you to replenish moisture to your face topically. Because there are so many hydration-robbing conditions indoors and outdoors during the winter, almost everyone can benefit from a heavier formula that both delivers moisture to the skin and helps protect your skin from surface-level evaporation."

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