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Reduce Cellulite Naturally and Painlessly

Getting older means that you have the advantage of both knowledge and experience. However, it also means that your body is not as strong and vibrant as it used to be. For women, cellulite is one of the most visible signs of aging skin, affecting 70 percent of all females. While men can experience cellulite, doctors speculate that it is a larger issue for women because they usually have thinner skin in the hip, thigh and buttock areas. They are also more prone to fat cell deposits. The size of fat cell deposits determines the dimples, density and surface area of cellulite.

While cellulite may be an unpleasant fact for some people, you don’t have to resign yourself to the symptoms. Hale Cosmeceuticals has designed a targeted cellulite removal product: Body Sculpting Moisturizer.Body Sculpt Moisturizer

How Our Cellulite Treatment Works

Cellulite is nothing more than a collection of fat deposits that sit close enough to the skin’s surface to be outwardly visible. While the condition isn’t hard to understand, cellulite removal can be challenging. As a cellulite treatment, Body Sculpting Moisturizer uses several approaches to fight fat cell deposits. The product:

  • Is a diuretic, removing hydration from fat cell and increasing blood flow.
  • Redistributes fat, utilizing carnitine to break up fat deposits and circulate fat cells.
  • Thickens skin, using the power of retinol.
  • Strengthens muscle with taurine, a building amino acid.
  • Thickens fibers, utilizing seppitonic M-3, a substance that also helps with wound healing and reduces scarring.
  • Enhances penetration and firming with DMAE.
  • Stimulates blood circulation and lowers fat deposits with capsaicinoids.

The Body Sculpting Moisturizer is a multi-faceted product that attacks cellulite on a cellular level. It is designed to minimize fat cell deposits, reduce the size of existing deposits and improve the skin’s texture to shrink cellulite and reduce its visibility. When the natural aging process leads to cellulite, our Body Sculpting Moisturizer is your first line of defense.

At Hale Cosmeceuticals, your satisfaction is our number one goal. Our cellulite removal products work as they are designed and are made in the United States. If you ever find that you aren’t happy with any of Hale Cosmeceuticals’ products, our customer service team is happy to resolve the issue and work with you to find the best solutions. Contact us today to learn about our entire product line, including our Body Sculpting Moisturizer.

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