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Caring for Your Combination Skin

Skin care solutions are not always straightforward. Before you can determine which products are right for you, you must first identify which of the skin types you are dealing with. Sometimes, this is a difficult task. If you are prone to breakouts and occasional spots of acne, it might indicate that you have oily skin. However, if using the recommended formulations results in patches of dryness, it’s a good clue that you might have an entirely different skin type: combination skin.

Characteristics of Combination Skin

Woman with Combination Skin TypesWhile it can be hard to identify, combination skin is easy to define. Simply put, people with combination skin experience the traits of both oily and dry skin on different parts of their faces. Most people have symptoms of oily skin along their T-zone, the area encompassing the forehead, nose and chin. Dry skin is more common along the cheeks and the side of the face. Combination skin must be treated with care to avoid any extreme reaction on either the dry or oily side of the spectrum.

Products That Work

The most important thing to remember when choosing a skin care product for combination skin is to avoid anything that targets either extreme in skin types. At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we have several products that work especially well for combination skin, including:

Dermist Cleansera mild formulation to effectively remove dirt and oil without drying your face.

O.R.A.C. Lifting Complexan antioxidant rich, daily fortifying cream that can reduce the larger pore sizes in the oily areas of your face. It is also designed to fight free radical damage and can help balance your skin.

Super Silk Silt Masqueharnesses the oil-absorbing capabilities of European fresh water silts. This occasional-use formula gently treats oily areas without causing dryness in susceptible tissue.

At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we understand that your busy lifestyle requires products that do what they promise. We have spent decades on research and development to determine the very best formulas for your skin type. In addition, we distribute our product line directly to consumers and professionals, keeping your costs down. Our attention to detail means you can have consistently soft and clear skin without a lot of hassle.

We want to help you achieve a beautiful and glowing look to your combination skin. We will even mix a custom designed formula just for your unique needs. Contact us today to troubleshoot your combination skin and learn about the options that we have for your individualized skin care challenges.

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