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Enhance A.C.E. Treatment Professional Retinol Strength

This strongest Vitamin A Alcohol is yellow oil with a M.W of 286.  This is an active anti-aging ingredient and an effective substance for the care of UV damaged and aging skin.

Retinol 50P accelerates mitosis, normalizes keratinization, and increases enzyme activity.  All these biological cycles accelerate and improve normalizing and cell renewal process.

Enhance_resizedThe skin regenerates itself throughout epidermis and dermis for thicker and elastic skin.  This will help reduce wrinkles and lines.  The skin becomes more elastic, fresh, and enriched.

Cold processed Retinol in cream formulations is stable for at least one year, and the shelf life can be extended with Chelating agents, light protected sealed packaging like glass or aluminum.  Anhydrous compositions increase shelf life and potency and hence are even more preferable.

Retinol 50P (Pharmaceutical) is a 50% Retinol in Tween-20.  Retinol 50C (Cosmetic) is a 50% Retinol in Tween-20. Stabilized with cyclodextrins, liposomes, and with other vitamins is not desirable since their bio-availability gets lowered.

Enhance A.C.E. Treatment is a Retinol booster that helps accelerate cell turnover quickly while making the skin more elastic and enriched. This Treatment can be combined with other treatment modalities to give a more effective anti-aging treatment. With the help of synergistic Vitamin C & E combination this treatment will leave the skin rejuvenated and looking refreshed.


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