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From Concept to Product

Many companies cut corners by outsourcing their research and development. They let a third party company produce their products and import as needed. We prefer to do all of the work ourselves so we can be absolutely certain that what we say is true.


Cruelty-Free Products

Animal testing is a current fact of scientific research, but it doesn’t have to be. Hale Cosmeceuticals has perfected research processes that involve absolutely no animal testing. All of our products are rigorously tested to ensure they won’t cause side effects. We’re aware of every material used to create our products. And we’re also aware that no animal suffers because of our cosmetics.

You want to know that the products you get are reliable, safe and effective. We provide those with the added reassurance that no animal suffered to create what has such monumental benefits for you.

In-House Manufacturing

By keeping our production process in-house, we’re able to not only observe and control the production but control our costs as well. This results in stable pricing. Our costs aren’t passed to you in an attempt to boost our profit margin. We control our own costs to ensure we can provide high quality products to you at a reasonable price.

When we say our products contain a certain substance, we know this for certain. Advertising our products as cruelty-free is a guarantee. We don’t send our concepts for new products to third-party research departments. Hale Cosmeceuticals is devoted to providing high-quality, effective products manufactured under a policy of responsible practices.

Research and development in a cruelty-free environment has allowed us to offer you the best possible results so you can buy with confidence.

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