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Alpha K-6 Peel

Hale Cosmeceuticals offers skincare professionals potent products that provide their clients with amazing results. And our newest chemical peel is no exception. Our new Alpha K-6 Peel combines naturally derived kojic acid and three more AHAs for a peel that effectively evens skin tone, correcting some of the most stubborn hyperpigmentation issues.

Active Ingredients in Our Alpha K-6 Peel

The primary ingredient of our Alpha K-6 Peel is kojic acid, a skin-brightening acid derived from rice and barley starch.

The kojic acid we use to formulate Alpha K-6 Peel comes from the fermentation process of rice wine (sake). The process takes place in a base with low water content to virtually eliminate the chemical degradation of the kojic acid that compromises its potency. As a result, the kojic acid in this peel delivers brightening effects comparable or better than Hydroquinone (HQ) Pyrones or Ketone.

Alpha K-6 Peel also includes a proprietary blend of three naturally derived alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs):

  • Glycolic acid (from sugar cane) for a superficial peel effect
  • Lactic acid (from sour milk) for fine line and wrinkle reduction
  • Mandelic acid (from bitter almonds) to reduce inflammation

All active ingredients in Alpha K-6 Peel work synergistically to correct:

  • Acne
  • Melasma
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

And as you’ve come to expect from Hale Cosmeceuticals, all ingredients are carefully processed to ensure stability and the highest potency.

Professional Application Guidelines

Alpha K-6 Peel is intended for professional application only. The protocol can be used on Fitzpatrick skin types I – VI.

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