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Pharma C.E. Corrective Gel for Aging Skin & Brown Spots

The cause of brown skin spots often associated with aging skin are primarily the result of two factors: age and sun exposure. While daily sun block products are very helpful at reducing the effects of sun exposure, the cumulative impact of UV radiation as we age almost inevitably leads to some degree of cellular damage.

The production of collagen is one of the first casualties of sun exposure. The proliferation of free radicals caused by UV radiation is one of the key reasons collagen production is slowed.

Pharma C.E. Corrective Gel from Hale Cosmeceuticals is an anti aging skin product that combats the signs of aging skin by targeting specific skin functions with biologically-active ingredients, including:

  • Isoflavones from red clover—A terrific source of phytoestrogens that are well-known for stimulating keratinocytes to produce collagen. Hyaluronic acid production is also stimulated, keeping skin deeply hydrated.
  • Vitamin C—A major antioxidant that reduces the presence of free radicals, thus normalizing collagen production.
  • Vitamin E—Another important antioxidant that reduces free radical activity, vitamin E also helps protect and nourish the lipid components of skin’s cellular matrix.
  • Emblica extract—Another source of antioxidants, emblica also binds to free iron. Free iron can contribute to the release of Reactive Oxygen Species, another form of free radicals that can inhibit collagen production. Emblica is also one of the most stable antioxidants available.

Working together, these ingredients are a powerful defense against the appearance of brown spots. Collagen production is stimulated at the same time that collagen-reducing agents are eliminated. The appearance of aging skin is improved, while skin tone and coloration are evened out. The result is soft, firm skin that looks years younger.

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