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Super Silk Silt Masque – Oil

Super Silk Silt Masque – Oil

Originating from fresh water lakes in Eastern Europe and the Dead Sea, the silts in this deep cleanser gently absorb excess oil.


Super Silk-Silt Masque is a combination of silts from the fresh water lakes of Eastern Europe and the Dead Sea which are designed to soak up oils and unclog facial pores. The active ingredients in our masque—humic acid and chlorophyll—work together in an effort to impart uniformity to the skin while removing toxins through oxygenation. Natural enzymes also help to enhance your skin’s moisture, health, color, and clarity.


Obtained from bodies of water. This component has a strong absorbent nature, Silt is rich in humic acid and essential minerals like zinc and magnesium
Witch hazels are shrubs indigenous to America. Witch Hazel extract acts to tone skin by shrinking pores and also reduces skin inflammation and irritation. Witch hazel has been a popular treatment for sunburns.


Use in the evening to the face. Smooth a generous amount onto cleansed skin while avoiding the eyes. Leave on the skin for approximately 5-10 minutes until dried, rinse well with water and pat dry
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