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Vegan CBD Cream

Vegan CBD cream uses 500mg of CBD isolate derived from the Sativa plant. It helps unclog pores and reduce inflammation. It also helps alleviate rosacea, dry skin conditions, and muscle ache.


CBD works on CB1, CB2 and CBN receptors, which are present on skin cells. These receptors help control homeostasis. For the skin, that means CBD helps maintain optimal hydration and oil balance for:

Reduced dryness, Reduced breakouts, Clearer pores

CBD is also an anti-inflammatory, so it helps: Reduce redness and irritation, Relieve dermatitis, Relieve itching

CBD is a lipophilic compound, meaning it is readily absorbed by lipids—your skin’s fat cells and fat-containing compounds in the dermal matrix. So, our cream is perfect for topical application anywhere—face and body.


Rosehip seed oil is extracted from wild rose bushes. This oil is very high in Vitamin A. It helps to brightens and even out the skin, and helps with anti-aging, elasticity, and collagen production. It helps to reduce scars and stretch marks while mosturizing, healing, and improving skin flexibility.
Pressed from the pulp of the avocado fruit, Avocado oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E which are all important for the skin. It helps to moisturize and nourish the skin, accelerates healing properties, and its anti-inflammatory properties can help against eczema and psoriasis. It also has the ability to serve as a carrier oil and help other active ingredients reach the deeper layers of skin
Cannabidiol (CBD) acts on CB1, CB2 and CBN receptors, which are present on skin cells. CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can moisturize and hydrate the skin without clogging pores.
The Jojoba plant is a shrub native to the southwestern United States. Jojoba Seed Oil is rich in vitamins A, E and D, plus antioxidants and fatty acids. Jojoba oil has properties nearly identical to our skin's own natural sebum. This means it can penetrate below the top layer of skin to allow for for maximum nourishment. Jojoba also has natural antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties


Can be used daily. Apply as needed to problem areas in need of hydration. This product can also help to unclog pores and reduce inflammation, rosacea, and dry skin conditions
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