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Fight Spider Veins and Rosacea with Profile K Milk Lotion

Spider Vein TreatmentFlushed, blotchy skin from Rosacea and unsightly spider veins have the same root cause—weak blood vessels. Blood can slowly leak out of these veins and capillaries, leaving a dark, bruise-like appearance or a brighter red coloration. Spider veins and Rosacea are two of the more common (and more lamented) conditions that people, and especially women, are seeking solutions for.

Profile K Milk Lotion Is the Solution

Carefully formulated to deliver naturally-sourced vitamin K directly where it is needed most, Profile K Milk Lotion shrinks small veins and capillaries near the skins surface while simultaneously strengthening them. Vitamin K also serves as a coagulant, helping to prevent leakage from occurring even from thin, damaged blood vessels.

Great for Dark Circles, too

Vitamin K is a relatively new skin care technology. So new, in fact, that no one is quite sure exactly why or how it works. But it does. “Vitamin K likely functions in two different ways,” according to dermatologist Melvin Elason, who holds the patent on Vitamin K’s topical formulation. “First, it connects with receptors on blood vessels, making them small and preventing blood leakage. This reduces spider veins and Rosacea. Second, vitamin K carries pigment out of the skin, lightening up dark circles.”

Our Lotion Is also Anti-inflammatory

Vitamin K is not our only active ingredient. Profile K Milk Lotion is also fortified with green tea and aloe to offer anti-inflammatory activity that provides much-needed relief from spider vein pressure and itching.

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