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The Best Sensitive Skin Care Products for You

Woman Squeezing Skin Near EyeDifferent skin types come with different challenges. People with oily skin often break out, while those with dry skin can experience scaliness. These situations are fairly straightforward and easy to identify. Some people, however, have a wide variety of issues that affect their skin, making it harder to both classify and care for their skin. If this sounds familiar, it’s possible that you have sensitive skin.

Getting to Know Your Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can mimic other skin types and manifests itself differently among different people. In general, sensitive skin care products are recommended if you regularly experience redness, rashes and itchiness. Sensitive skin often feels dry or tight and can exhibit bumps and bruising as your skin is thinner than that of an average person. You might even have an allergic reaction to some ingredients commonly used in skin care products. While other skin types are more forgiving, it is critical for people with sensitive skin to follow a targeted skin care regimen.

Choosing the Right Sensitive Skin Care Products

Because sensitive skin is touchy, the skin products you use are extremely important. At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we never add irritating ingredients like parabens to our formulas, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin. While many of our products will work for you, the following are particularly suited for your skin type:

Dry MasqueThis product specifically targets the distinct needs of sensitive skin. The masque provides the healthy skin support you need without triggering irritation.

Soft Finishing MoisturizerSensitive skin is often starving for hydration but can react negatively when too much product is used. This moisturizer combines vitamins C and E with ellagic acid to reduce cellular damage and improve collagen production. It is suited to all dry skin types, including sensitive skin and those with conditions like psoriasis.

About Custom Compounding

At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we understand the challenge of living with sensitive skin. While we firmly believe that our sensitive skin care products will work for you, we understand that you have unique needs. Because of this, we offer custom compounding services. We are happy to discuss your individual skin challenges and help develop a product that targets your distinct requirements. We will also gladly provide you with our material product sheets, so you can understand exactly what you are putting on your skin.

Hale Cosmeceuticals offers you the best in sensitive skin care products. If you are a consumer, beauty consultant or medical expert, there is no need to struggle with the challenges of sensitive skin. We want to help you and your clients find the most reliable and affordable skin care products for sensitive skin types. Contact us today to speak to one of our skin care experts.

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