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Why do people LOVE Hale Cosmeceuticals?


I have been a clinical aesthetician for over sixteen years. I have worked in the Southern California area with some of the most prominent plastic surgeons. In addition, I was a corporate educator for over four years. I now own my own medi-spa. I am passionate about giving my clients the best possible products out there. One of my favorite lines is Hale Cosmeceuticals. My clients LOVE the Hyaluronic Acid M3HA and SB-7 Skin Brightener in particular.

Hallie L.
Bend, OR


I have been treating people with skin conditions for many years, and often times, people just want a skin care maintenance routine that does not require a prescription. For anyone who wants to take care of blemishes, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and reduce fine lines, I always recommend Hale Cosmeceuticals. The product quality is excellent. And more important for me, the products and their ingredients have real scientific rationale behind the results!

Jonathon P. – 35
NewYork, NY


I suffered from bad adult acne for months with extremely dry skin on my forehead and cheeks. I tried a variety of brand name moisturizers and none seemed to be effective. My sister gave me Soft Finishing Moisturizer, and after a week my acne cleared!!! It provided hydration to my dry skin areas, giving it a smooth feeling! This is the ONLY moisturizer I’ll use on my face going forward, everything else went in the trash!!

Shikha K. – 27
Chicago, IL


I started getting to the age where I was starting to worry about fine lines and looking "old". I had never really used any skin care products and wasn't sure where to start. I spoke to one of the Hale reps on the phone, and they were super knowledgeable and helpful!! I started with the Vitamin C/E serum, hyaluronic acid, and a mask. I could feel the effects almost immediately! My skin feels great and it's not much work. I'm confident these products will keep me looking young!

Irina D. - 34
Bloomington, IL


I do not use many skin products. After shaving I usually use the ORAC to prevent razor bumps and keep my skin moist. I also like the new Date Palm Deep Moisturizer to keep my hands and skin from drying out.

Bharat S. - 35
Atlanta, GA



I have been using Hale Products for YEARS and have been VERY happy with the results! I was first introduced by my esthetician several years ago for anti-aging and wrinkle prevention. I did have some sagging skin under the eyes and puffiness as well. I started using the HP Eye product and also the Hyaluronic Acid M3HA which are excellent!!! I will never forget how I could almost feel the skin tightening within a few days! I will occasionally use the Vitamin C serum as well! Great products, and no complaints for many years! The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful!

Sarah C. – 57
Austin, TX



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