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Turning Over a New Leaf: Transitioning from Winter to Spring Skincare

Your closet isn’t the only thing that needs an overhaul as warmer temperatures move in. Your skincare products and practices need some freshening to keep your skin in optimal health.

Out with the Old

Do not be tempted to simply dig out last spring’s moisturizers and makeup palettes. Before you apply anything to your face, check the date. If it’s older than six months, toss it. While old skincare products look perfectly fine, they are likely teeming with bacteria. Products formulated for your face have a pH level similar to your sk

in, so any bacteria that lived on your face is living in your old skincare products. Yuck.

Loosen Up

Moving into spring is the perfect time to shed the last of winter’s dullness. However, because we haven’t reached peak oil-production season yet, a gentle exfoliating cleanser rather than a more aggressive scrub may be a better option. Our GSL-624 Clarifier is formulated to gently remove dead skin cells without the use of any abrasives.

Lighten Up

Warmer spring air tends to hold more moisture, so you do not have to be as proactive against moisture loss. As a result, you can select a lighter moisturizing formula. If you have oily or combination skin, a water-based lotion is ideal. People with dry skin may want to continue to use a cream or consider a serum+moisturizing lotion combination instead.

Cover Up

Warmer temperatures come with a price—increased UV intensity. Sun protection is now a must until fall. Rather than relying on a sunscreen/moisturizer or sunscreen/makeup combination, you should separate your products, applying a sunscreen before your makeup.

Do not settle for using last year’s sunscreen leftovers. The compounds that provide sun protection deteriorate over time, rendering old sunscreen useless (not to mention bacteria-laden).

Hale Cosmeceuticals can help you revamp your seasonal skincare lineup. For product recommendations for your skin type and skin health goals, please contact us.

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