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The Evolution of Skin Care from Ancient to Modern Times

Throughout history, smooth, supple skin has been prized, and both men and women have sought to achieve it. While what has been valued about skin has not changed much, skincare practices and products certainly have. Find out what has people from ancient Egypt to modern America have used to maintain clear, youthful-looking skin. (more…)

Our Favorite 12-Letter Word: Pentapeptide

Woman Touching Face with FingersIf you’re a Scrabble fanatic or striving to beat your boss on Words With Friends, then maybe you have identified some great 12-letter words, like razzmatazzes or jeopardizing. Our favorite: pentapeptides, but not because of its score potential, but because of its skin rejuvenating potential.

What Is a Pentapeptide?

Simply put, a pentapeptide is a (more…)

Parabens: Why We Don’t Use Them and Why You Don’t Want Us To

“No Parabens” and “Paraben-Free” are becoming commonplace claims on many skin (and hair) care products…including Hale Cosmeceuticals’ entire line. What’s the big deal about parabens? We formulate our products without them—and that’s what you should demand in your skincare products—because parabens pose health risks.

Parabens Simplified

Paraben is a simplified name of (more…)

The Latest in Skincare—Hydrogen…and Hale Cosmeceuticals Has It!

At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we have our own research and development team that stays on top of cutting edge advances in skincare. And we’re leading the curve with the newest innovation in anti-aging—hydrogen.

About Hydrogen

Here’s what you may already know about hydrogen: (more…)

The Cost of Animal Testing

Hale Cosmeceuticals is committed to cruelty-free skincare. Our products are carefully formulated and independently tested but never on animals. While many companies argue that animal testing is the most cost-effective way to ensure product safety for human consumers, we believe that the cost to our environment outweighs any benefit to ourselves. (more…)

Springtime Hairstyles and Colors

Makeup trends for spring are all about showing off natural beauty. Many hair trends this season also feature a natural, just-stepped-out-of-the-ocean look while others showcase sleek and polished dos. (more…)

Preparing for Summer Battle vs. Oily Skin

While oily skin may have helped prevent dry-out common in the winter, summer is a whole new story. Warmer temperatures and increased sweating make oily skin a potential breakout minefield. However, with the right products and skin care regimen, you can keep oil at bay for a healthy complexion all spring and summer long. (more…)

Trending: Makeup and Beauty for Spring and Summer

Unless you’re north of the Arctic Circle, spring has sprung! That means it’s time to replace the dark winter shades of your makeup palette with fresh new colors for spring. For 2017, spring beauty trends are all about emphasizing natural beauty. (more…)

Alternatives to Animal Testing

Since our founding, Hale Cosmeceuticals has always been cruelty-free. We are glad to see that many skincare companies are making the same choice, and that many countries are increasing the pressure to do so by proposing and passing legislation that bans animal testing.

Although animal testing has long been the stand

ard method for determining skincare product safety, technological advances provide a number of alternatives to animal testing to ensure human safety. (more…)

Turning Over a New Leaf: Transitioning from Winter to Spring Skincare

Your closet isn’t the only thing that needs an overhaul as warmer temperatures move in. Your skincare products and practices need some freshening to keep your skin in optimal health.

Out with the Old

Do not be tempted to simply dig out last spring’s moisturizers and makeup palettes. Before you apply anything to your face, check the date. If it’s older than six months, toss it. While old skincare products look perfectly fine, they are likely teeming with bacteria. Products formulated for your face have a pH level similar to your sk

in, so any bacteria that lived on your face is living in your old skincare products. Yuck. (more…)