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    Building Your Skin Care Vocabulary: Skin Conditions

    It's not about what you can cover up, but how you can put your best face forward with the healthiest skin possible. When you understand the unique condition of your skin, you can take active measures to combat problems so that you feel good in your skin and good about you. Below is a list of 7 skin conditions that can be effectively managed with a proper skin care regimen:


    From blackheads to pimples, these blemishes can occur anywhere on the skin and aren't just a pesky adolescent problem. Acne is seen in people of all ages and races. It occurs when your skin's sebaceous glands become clogged, preventing oil from leaving the gland. Outbreaks are often aggravated by things such as hormones and stress. Effective treatment varies based on your unique skin condition.


    Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that may cause skin inflammation and/or a rash that grows quickly and is often painful. You may develop a fever and general aches and pains with this infection. If you develop a fast-growing rash, it is important to seek medical attention so you can receive treatment, which generally includes antibiotics. Failure to treat cellulitis can lead to blood infection and other serious conditions.


    Eczema is a term used to describe sensitive skin that often breaks out in an itchy rash. It is not contagious and treatment varies based on the specific type of eczema you have. Some types of eczema are curable while others can be effectively managed with treatment.

    Herpes Simplex

    Herpes is a skin condition caused by a virus. It is a contagious condition and spreads from one person to another most often through direct contact with active lesions. Herpes commonly presents itself in the form of cold sores around the mouth. Medicine can help decrease the symptoms and number of outbreaks you experience from this virus, but this disease cannot be cured.


    Impetigo is caused by a bacterial infection and presents in the form of skin lesions, blisters and/or rashes. This skin condition is contagious and demands medical treatment. While common in children, impetigo may affect people of any age.


    Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes thick, red, scaly patches commonly on the elbows, knees and middle body. This condition is not contagious, but can be controlled with proper treatment.


    Rosacea is a skin condition that causes blood vessels under the skin to swell, creating a flushed look on the face. While there is no cure for rosacea, your doctor can help you learn what triggers outbreaks so you can keep the condition under control.

    If you believe you have any of the above listed skin conditions, it is important to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to learn the best ways to manage your condition. Don't just cover up the problem; take control to manage the problem.

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