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    Is the Charcoal Trend Here to Stay?

    "There are skincare fads, skincare trends and skincare tried-and-true practices. Only time will tell what will become of any skincare product or protocol, including charcoal. Charcoal skincare products have been popular in Asia for a long time and made a big splash in US markets around 2016. It's been two years, and we don't think charcoal is going anywhere. However, there are still some cautions to be taken around this trendy ingredient.

    Why Charcoal Works

    Before we go any farther, let's be clear: when talking about charcoal skincare products, we're not talking about the same charcoal that makes up the briquettes you use when firing up the grill. No we mean activated charcoal carbon that has been treated to increase its oxygen content. Increased oxygen content increases absorption capacity, so activated charcoal is highly effective at drawing out toxins both in the body (it's used to treat drug overdoses) and from the skin.

    Best Charcoal Skincare Applications

    There are a number of ways to get the benefits of activated charcoal including ingesting it. But, when you want to focus the detoxifying effects on your skin, then applying it directly to the skin is the best method. Activated charcoal is best applied:

    These applications entail a gentle massage of the charcoal-containing product, and that increases circulation and time charcoal is in contact with your skin, maximizing the detoxifying effects.

    Charcoal Products to Avoid

    Charcoal masques that rinse away are great. Charcoal masques that peel away are not. Peel-off charcoal masques have been all the rage for more than a year, but skincare professionals seem in agreement these masques are problematic because of the glues they use. The glue creates a strong adhesion with your skin, so when you peel it away, it can take out the gunk stuck in your pores, but it can also take away healthy skin cells. You may not notice after one use, but repeated applications are likely to result in irritation, inflammation and redness. If you have not yet jumped on the activated charcoal bandwagon or are looking for the charcoal-containing product that works without irritation, give our CharColate Masque a try. Contact us to request a sample or to place your order for the full-size product."

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