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    Eye Creams - The Best Ingredients!

    The world of skincare is filled with thousands of buzzwords, key ingredients, and claims. It can be hard to figure the best ingredients to look for in eye creams, cleaners and other essentials.

    The skin around our eyes is some of the thinnest skin on our body, and also the most visible to other people! The skin around the eyes is one of the earliest places where we show signs of aging : crows feet, bags, dark circles.  Figuring out which ingredients to look for in an eye cream can be critical!

    In this article, we’ll outline the most essential ingredients you must look for on the labels of eye creams!

    1. Caffeine- Its Benefits in Eye Creams

    Be sure to look for topical caffeine in your eye cream. This highly essential ingredient is vasoconstrictive, meaning that its primary function is to constrict your blood vessels. This beneficial ingredient is helpful in softly penetrating the tender layers of your skin under the eye.
    It then pushes the blood accumulated there back into your circulatory system. We consider this a highly vital function because most of the puffiness and redness under the eyes builds up because of blood there.

    However, you must note that caffeinated eye creams can reduce puffiness and redness here but they’re not complete treatments for dark circles. Caffeine needs to combined with other effective ingredients in an eye cream to work as an ultimate solution for you. Some might need a cup of coffee in the morning to perk you up, and your eyes can use caffeine the same way!

    2. Peptides

    Peptides are the basic building blocks of the proteins in our bodies and also help signal our skin cells to produce more collagen. This is what improves our skin tone and elasticity. Peptides are small in size, which allows them to pass into the deeper layers of the skin to create more powerful results. Peptides are very powerful against sagging skin and puffy skin around the eyes! 

    3. Bakuchiol

    Have you heard of bakuchiol? It is the new contender for the hero ingredients in eye creams. Most people recognize this ingredient as a gentler version of retinol but without compromising on the benefits. This means that bakuchiol helps soften the wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes too.
    Moreover, it evens the skin tone underneath while improving firmness and elasticity. It is important to note that the comparison between bakuchiol and retinol is only on the basis of their similar skin benefits. The molecular structure is not the same in any way and another pleasing difference is the absence of irritation in using bakuchiol.

    4. Polyglutamic Acid

    Polyglutamic acid can retain 5000x its weight in water! This makes it a winning ingredient for tired-looking or dull eyes. Moreover, if your overall skin is dehydrated and dry, Polyglutamic acid will come to the rescue for that as well.

    Some other noteworthy benefits of polyglutamic acid include enhanced skin elasticity and a visible decrease in the aging process. These two occurrences, when they happen in an individual, are somehow more apparent under the eyes.

    An eye cream that contains polyglutamic acid is sure to revive the area under your eyes. It will slow down or halt the ageing process and consequently the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. It will also hydrate the tender area under your eyes and give the glowing, vibrant look it needs.

    5. Benefits of Vitamin K in Eye Creams

    Vitamin K is another important ingredient for your eye cream. The fact is that many people remain unaware of the powers of vitamin k for the skin, even today. Many of us will admit to having tired-looking eyes most of the time. Including an eye cream with vitamin K in your regime will make the dark circles fade in a couple of weeks. Many studies will reveal to you that vitamin K has skin benefits that we do not praise enough. From boosting the elasticity of your skin to brightening the dark circles, there’s a lot of good your eyes can experience.

    Vitamin K is critical for our bodies circulatory system. It has effects improve circulation in our capillaries and also strengthens the capillary walls, which reduces the appearance of dark circles and improves skin elasticity. It has natural repairing and healing properties as well. Vitamin K itself is a very powerful ingredient for rosacea, spider veins, and other pigmentation issues. 

    These are some of our favorite ingredients which we know work! We have several different eye cream formulations at Hale Cosmeceuticals which feature these different ingredients! 


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