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    Preparing for Summer Battle vs. Oily Skin

    While oily skin may have helped prevent dry-out common in the winter, summer is a whole new story. Warmer temperatures and increased sweating make oily skin a potential breakout minefield. However, with the right products and skin care regimen, you can keep oil at bay for a healthy complexion all spring and summer long.

    Products to Remove Excess Oil

    The key to managing oily skin during the spring and summer is to remove excess oil. Excess oil by itself clogs pores, but it also traps dirt and other impurities, breeding acne infection not to mention, it creates a less-than-desirable greasy sheen. To remove excess oil, we recommend:

    Daily cleansing with Dermist GSL-624 Cleanser

    This cleanser combines glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids to dissolve sebum (the oil produced by your skin) and encourage cell turnover to wash away impurities that clog pores and invite bacterial infection. The acids in the Dermist formula are gentle enough for use even in the summer.

    Twice weekly deep cleansing with Super Silt Masque Oil-Control Formula

    Silts from the Dead Sea and other freshwater lakes in Eastern Europe absorb oil, and other active ingredients detoxify and reduce bacterial loads through oxygenation.

    It is important not to over-wash your face. This can result in an overproduction of oil as your body attempts to compensate for stripped lubrication.

    Hydration without Greasiness

    When you remove oil from your face, you need to replenish hydration and protection without creating a heavy film. Light, water-based lotions are ideal for spring and summer, and our Re-Fine Milk Lotion is particularly suited for oily skin. The vitamin A encourages cell reproduction and turnover as well as regulates sebum protection. Since vitamin A can lead to light sensitivity, it is also important to apply daily sun protection. Our Complexion Perfection BB cream formula provides SPF 20+ for broad spectrum protection without heavy oils.

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