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Super Silk-Silt Masques

When you have a thorough skin care regimen designed to promote the radiance, softness, and health of your skin, it is important to include a weekly masque for the most effective cleansing. At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we are dedicated to providing you high-quality skin care products that help you achieve your skin health goals. Our Super Silk-Silt Masque is designed to oxygenate and detoxify your facial pores to eliminate skin issues.

Active Ingredients in Our Super Silk-Silt Masque

Super Silk Silt MasquesHale Cosmeceuticals’ Super Silk-Silt Masque is a combination of silts from the fresh water lakes of Eastern Europe and the Dead Sea which are designed to soak up oils and unclog facial pores. The active ingredients in our masque—humic acid and chlorophyll—work together in an effort to impart uniformity to the skin while removing toxins through oxygenation. Natural enzymes also help to enhance your skin’s moisture, health, color, and clarity.

Lasting Results with Regular Use

Using our masque is quick, easy, and refreshing! After cleansing your face and neck with our Dermist Cleanser or Dermist Exfoliating Cleanser, apply the masque, let it dry for 15-20 minutes, and remove with warm compresses. Within two applications of the Super Silk-Silt Masque, you will begin to see corrections in uneven skin tone.

For those with regular skin types, our skin health experts at Hale Cosmeceuticals recommend using the Super Silk-Silt Masque once per week. If your skin is prone to acne issues, we advise using the masque twice per week.

If you want the most effective skin care regimen, Hale Cosmeceuticals’ Super Silk-Silt Masque provides you with the facial pore cleansing you need for the overall skin health you want. Call our experienced customer services representatives at 1-800-951-7005 to discuss all of our advanced skin care products and to order your revitalizing masque.

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