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    Safe and Effective Depigmentation with SB-7 Skin Brightener

    An even skin tone is one of the defining characteristics of optimal skin health. Unfortunately, age, UV exposure, diet and disease can result in hyper-pigmentation issues including freckles and age spots. But you can bring out your healthy glow with the help of our new SB-7 Skin Brightener, a non-comedogenic, oil-free serum that uses seven natural skin brighteners!

    Understanding the Science of Hyperpigmentation and Depigmentation Mechanisms

    Hyperpigmentation is caused by increased melanin, which may be the result of either:

    1. An increase in melanocytes the skin cells at the base of the epidermis that produce melanosomes, which convert the amino acid tyrosine into melanin, or
    2. An increase in melanosomes

    Hyperplasia, the increase in number, of melanocytes and/or melanosomes is typically a response to hormonal changes, UV radiation, environmental irritation or disease.Research has identified six different mechanisms by which hyperpigmentation can be slowed, stopped or corrected:

    1. Selectively destroy melanocytes.
    2. Inhibits the formation of melanosomes
    3. Chemically effect (bleaching) melanin
    4. Inhibit the formation of melanin
    5. Inhibit the biosynthesis of tyrosinae
    6. Interfere with transfer of melanosomes

    Mechanisms 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been found to be unsafe and potentially toxic, perhaps because one of the substances used to incite those mechanisms hydroquinone is a suspected carcinogen. The USFDA ruled it unsafe for OTC use in 1996 and has been banned by all European Union countries.

    Safe Active Ingredients

    Skin brightening by interfering with the production of tyrosine and/or the conversion of tyrosine to melanin is safe and effective with proper sun protection. Our SB-7 Skin Brightener contains seven natural active ingredients that safely even skin tone:

    • Kojic Dipalmitate, a fat-soluble form of kojic acid
    • Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B-3
    • Ferulic Acid, a cinnamon-derived polyphenolic compound
    • Azelaic Acid,  a dicarboxylic acid derived from grains like wheat, barley and rye
    • Phytic Acid , a rice bran-derived Inositol compound
    • Emblica Fruit Extract, an extract from dried gooseberries

    Vitamin C is also added for additional anti-oxidant protection.

    How to Use SB-7 Skin Brightener

    SB-7 Skin Brightener can be used as a spot treatment or all-over facial treatment to even out skin tone. One or two pumps is sufficient to cover the entire face after cleansing. This formula is most effective when able to penetrate deeply. Because of the skin-opening effects of glycolic acid, we recommend using a glycolic base, like our glycolic acid peel.Warm temperatures degrade the active ingredients of SB-7 Skin Brightener, so store this product in a cool place.To get your SB-7 Skin Brightener or any of our advanced skin care products, contact Hale Cosmeceuticals or call us at 1-800-951-7005 to place your order today!"

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