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    Say Hello to Almost-Cooling Eye Gel, Say Good-Bye to Puffy Eyes

    Defy the signs of aging stress and tiredness with skin care created specifically for the area that shows age most: the eyes. Hale CosmeceuticalsAlmost-Cooling Eye Gel plumps sagging skin and diminishes dark circles to give you a more youthful look!

    Why Eyes Sag

    Collagen is a protein-based compound that gives skin its firmness and texture. Collagen production slows as we age and collagen is highly susceptible to damage by free radicals molecular baddies that result from UV radiation and other environmental factors. Unfortunately no one is immune from free radicals even when you use sun protection and lead a healthy lifestyle. As a result skin sags and is less resilient making lines and wrinkles more noticeable.

    What Causes Dark Under-Eye Circles

    Another common under-eye problem is the appearance of dark reddish/purplish circles. Those circles are the result of blood leakage from weak veins and capillaries. You're your skin is rich with natural lipids (fats) the skin below your eye is thicker and firmer so it can better hide the redness. However lipid concentration also diminishes with age and changes in hormones. And since the skin under the eye is so delicate even minor pressure like rubbing your eyes can damage those vessels.

    Restoring Your Bright Eyes

    You do not have to let under-eye bags and circles betray your age. Hale Cosmeceuticals' Almost-Cooling Eye Gel has naturally-derived ingredients that effectively restore your under-eye area. Our formula includes:

    • Phospholipids phosphatidylcholines and squalene to replace lost lipids
    • Essential minerals zinc iron and magnesium to improve vessel integrity and circulation

    In just a few weeks of daily application Almost-Cooling Eye Gel can firm and lighten your under-eye area to make you look more awake refreshed and youthful!

    Contact us to order your Almost-Cooling Eye Gel today!

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