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    How to Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine

    When you do your annual spring cleaning this season, do not skip your medicine cabinet. Moving into longer days, warmer temperatures and increased time in the sun requires a revamped product lineup to keep your skin in peak condition.

    Moisturizer Swap

    A good place to start when spring cleaning your skincare stores is your moisturizer. To minimize hydration loss during the cold, dry winter months, you may have used a thicker oil-based cream. Using that same formula in the spring and summer may set you up for increased pore-clogging and blemishes. Swap your moisturizing cream for a lighter, water-based moisturizing lotion.

    High-Intensity Sun Protection

    Sun protection is a year-round skin care strategy, but during short days and low solar intensity in the winter, you only needed minimal protection. Now, your sun protection factor needs to increase to match the rising intensity of UV radiation (recommended minimum of 20+SPF).To get the recommended SPF, you may opt for one broad-spectrum sunscreen with sufficient protection or layer sun protection e.g., a BB cream with low-level broad-spectrum sunscreen under mineral makeup with additional SPF.

    Makeover Your Makeup Palette

    Winter makeup trends called for dark, dramatic shades. Moving into spring, you need to swap a palette that calls attention to itself for a palette that simply calls attention to your natural features. Spring makeup colors reflect those you see in nature blushing pinks, peaches and roses.

    All-Over Skin Care

    Many of the same skin care swaps you make to care for your face and neck can (and should) be applied to care for the skin on the rest of your bodywater-based moisturizer, increased sun protection. There are also other whole-body skin care practices you may need to implement during seasons where sweat and showering are likely to increase:

    • To the greatest extent possible, keep showering to once daily. Multiple showers or baths each day increase evaporation at the skin's surface, thereby increasing dryness. If multiple showers are necessary, only use soap once (perhaps after the gym or outdoor workout) and simply rinse with water otherwise.
    • Choose an aluminum-free deodorant. If possible, opt for a deodorant-only formula rather than an anti-perspirant. While sweating may be icky, it is your body's way to naturally regulate temperature and rid itself of toxins.

    Because your summer wardrobe reveals areas that you may've hid with bulky clothing in the winter, you may also want to explore spot treatments to reduce the visibility of veins or cellulite.Hale Cosmeceuticals has science-based formulas for skin care in every season. Browse our selection of cleansers, moisturizers and spot treatments ideal for spring and contact us to request samples or place your order."

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