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    Eye Bags? What Eye Bags?

    Eye Bag Diminishing Secrets to Keep You Looking Young

    Puffy under-eye bags are a tell-tale sign that you've not had a good night's sleep or your allergies are acting up or that time is finally taking its toll on your skin. But there are ways to combat under-eye bags so that you can look fresh-faced, youthful and confident.

    What Causes Under-Eye Bags?

    There are two possible causes for under-eye bags:

    1. Accumulation of fluid beneath the very thin, delicate skin below your eye. This is common when you have seasonal allergies or eye irritation (like when you go to bed without taking off your eye makeup first).
    1. Sagging resulting from the loss of fat and collagen in the area below your eye. This may be the natural result of aging, but overexposure to UV radiation and environmental toxins (including first- and secondhand smoke) can speed the aging process.

    Dehydration and lack of sleep can make under-eye bags even more noticeable.

    Short-Term Under-Eye Bag Remedies

    Under-eye bags caused by fluid accumulation can often be diminished relatively quickly with topical treatments, like a cold compress. The cool temperature helps relieve swelling, and eye- and skin-friendly compresses can be made with a variety of items around your kitchen, including:

    • Chilled spoons
    • Chilled cucumber slices
    • Chilled (pre-soaked) tea bags

    Any hint of swelling and redness left after a gentle cool compress can usually be hidden with cover-up. Yellow-tinted cover-up is ideal for under-eye bags as the yellow hue contrasts with the pink hue of inflammation to balance your complexion.

    Long-Lasting Under-Eye Treatment

    When under-eye bags are caused by aging or chronic fluid accumulation (often the case for people with diabetes and/or hypertension), you have to be patient. You can diminish them; it just takes longer. Some strategies for reducing under-eye swelling and sagging include lifestyle changes, such as:

    • Quitting smoking
    • Reducing alcohol consumption
    • Reducing sun exposure
    • Exercising regularly including facial exercises that can tone the small muscles in your face

    Topical treatments that deliver collagen and other nutrients to the skin can help replace what has been lost. Hale Cosmeceuticals' Almost-Cooling Eye Gel contains collagen and a number of lipids to replenish moisture, fullness and resilience to the delicate under-eye skin. Under-eye creams may take a few weeks to work, but they can help you achieve results without surgery.

    To try our Almost-Cooling Eye Gel or other products formulated for the delicate skin around your eyes, contact us.

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