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The Eyes Have It

natural beautyThe most commonly noticed feature of the human face are eyes. When eyes are surrounded by dark, sagging skin, you look years older. Providing your eyes with the right care keeps them looking bright and stops those “Are you tired?” questions when you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

Fixing Crow’s Feet and Fine Lines

Layering on foundation only emphasizes the lines that form around the eyes as we age. The way to treat wrinkling skin is to address the deeper issue—the contraction of muscles that lead to wrinkles and the lack of collagen and lipids that keep tissue plump and youthful. 

Dark Circles

Not only do dark circles make your eyes look darker, but they also make you look tired. A good night’s sleep helps prevent these, but in a pinch, a concealer that’s slightly lighter and warmer than your natural skin tone can brighten that skin. Correcting the discoloration, illuminating the eyes and making them appear larger negates the tired appearance.

Hollow Tear Ducts

The inner corner of the eye is naturally shadowed, and if you’ve lost collagen in your face, it can deepen this natural hollow. This makes your eyes look sunken and tired. A white eye pencil applied to the area around the tear ducts and the hollow of your nose—blended, of course—will soften the hollow effect and make your eyes appear open and bright.

Anti-Inflammatory Treatment

Puffy skin not only makes your eyes appear narrower but also stresses the tiny blood vessels under and around the eyes. This causes darker circles and further inflammation. Almost-Cooling Eye Gel and ensuring proper sleep will help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, giving you a brighter, younger look.


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